About us

Our Commitment to Excellence: Ownership, Communication, and Responsible Growth

Co Hop Beverages LLCs’ mission is to allow our retail customers to focus on the profitability of their businesses by making Co Hop represented brands one of their preferred choices. To do this, Co Hop:

Promotes Self Ownership

Ownership means that our people take personal responsibility for the performance of the company, and reap personal reward for excellent work. Ownership means responding to each retail customer’s unique needs, and following every important process every time, to ensure that those needs are met.

Promotes Communication

Co Hop communicates regularly with its retail customers regarding the services they need, and Co Hops performance of those services. This communication includes the full and realistic explanation of what Co Hop offers and will do to serve the customer. Co Hop should never give excuses, and will always serve its customers with the utmost loyalty and honesty.

Promotes Responsible Growth

Co Hop will not take on beverage partners or retail customers that it cannot service, and it will make certain that new partners do not interfere with its commitment to existing partners. At the same time, Co Hop aggressively pursues new partners, new retail customers, and new efficient ways of servicing our existing market.

Our Commitment to Employees: Shared Responsibility and Shares Success in a Welcoming Environment

Co Hop is also committed to its employees. As an employer, Co Hop:

Makes certain that its employees work in a clean, safe environment, free of harassment and discrimination.

Fosters an atmosphere of entrepreneurialism and encourages its employees to contribute to the shared success of the company by maximizing their abilities. Co Hop does this by encouraging the promotion of successful individuals

Recognizes that its success depends on the success of its employees. Co Hop is therefore eager to reward its employees for excellent work.

We Recognize that it is a family and we take care of our employees accordingly


Debbie originally comes from a banking background but found a passion in coaching.  She started as an Assistant softball coach at Redlands High School in 2003, then moved to be the head softball coach at Redlands East Valley in 2010. While raising her children, she also helped shape the lives of countless athletes by developing their skills, preparing them for a future in athletics and beyond, and encouraging teamwork.  She specializes in efficiency and understands the tools required to win.

When Co Hop opened its doors in 2017, Debbie agreed to be a helping hand part time and get the business in working order.  Then she was bit by the beverage bug, she was hooked and couldn’t quit.  She quickly developed a love for distribution and craft beverage community.  She is now a full-time asset utilizing the same tools that she implemented while coaching winning teams.  She motivates our sales team and keeps everyone focused and encouraged. With top notch customer service Debbie rounds out the Co Hop team and is a vital part of its success.

Debbie has been married to Ronnie for 29 years and they have four children and two grandsons.  She enjoys traveling, watching sports and spending time with her family.

Dominic Armenta

I started my career in the beer industry in 2003. I took an entry level position as a merchandiser working for Straub Distributing in Orange County. It was there that I realized I had a passion for beer. I was quickly promoted into sales within my first 3 months. I interviewed for a sales route and landed the position. I was always attracted to sales and liked the idea of meeting new people and creating relationships. I sold coffee for a local vendor, Perfected Quality Coffee and sold Rims and Tires at Modern Auto in the city of Whittier. So, the sales part of the business came natural to me, the only difference was that I wasn’t passionate about selling those other items. Once I learned about the beer industry, I was a changed man.

I went on gaining education and experience through the Straub training programs and became one of the top performers of their sales force. After eight years of running all different territories of Orange County I felt it was time for a change. I was introduced to craft beer and started reading up on local breweries. I was fascinated by this movement of local businesses creating new styles of beer and having the freedom to sell it independently. I sent out my resume to different local breweries and started my new quest for a new change. I met a gentleman by the name of Steve Garcia, and he introduced me to a new brewery that had just opened called Hangar 24 Craft Brewery. I met the owner Ben Cook and his brewery staff and was given a tour of the brewhouse. I knew right then that this was something special and I wanted to be a part of it. I negotiated my contract and started my new journey with H24. Throughout my 7 ½ years with H24 I grew and developed into different positions:

  • Orange County Chain Manager – Activated New Business and authorized new items. Helped and supported the new O.C. distribution sales team
  • Inland Empire Territory Manager – Developing new business and creating new routes. Training new sales representatives and educating them with craft beer knowledge
  • Non-Alcohol Manager – Managed new brands, supported and developed sales force & oversee 1,200 customer accounts
  • Sales Manager – Managed Entire Portfolio, Oversee all sales dept

Ritual Brewing Co.

  • Director Of Sales
  • Managed and developed market managers and brewery representatives
  • Managed Southern California Wholesalers
  • Made Buyer calls at store level to national chain accounts

Co Hop Beverage

  • VP Of Sales
  • Oversee and managing the sales, operations and administration departments
  • Work closely with our suppliers to insure that we are constantly on the cutting edge of “what’s new and exciting”

Tayler Glenn

Tayler has worked in the hospitality industry for 10 years, including every front of house position.  Craft beer became her passion therefore, she sought out an opportunity to work in the beer community in 2012; kicking her career off in the tap room of Ritual Brewing Co.  This is where she learned in depth information on beer styles, brewing processes, passed the Certified Beer Server Exam, and “sampled” lots of beer.  She provided guests with tasting notes, brewery tours, and attended multiple component tasting classes.

After a few years in the taproom, Ritual gave Tayler the opportunity to move to Los Angeles to be an LA area market manager where she worked closely with two area distributors and their team of sales reps.  This gave her insight to the business of distribution from the eyes of a supplier.

While she will miss the LA sushi, she enthusiastically decided to leave the traffic behind, and move from the supplier’s point of view to the distributor’s by working for Co Hop Beverage as a business analyst. The team at Co Hop Beverage welcomed her to the business and are joining their creative forces with knowledge and experience to be a favorite distributor amongst their customers. Tayler’s background has prepared her to add to Co Hop’s growth and success. From customer service, to supplier needs, and of course, as a designated taste tester.