A word from your neighborhood distributor

What is a distributor? “A distributor is an agent who supplies goods to stores and other businesses that sell to consumers”. It is ALSO “a device in a gasoline engine for passing electric current to each spark plug”, but we are going to focus on the first definition. Thanks Google dictionary!

What is a good distributor? A company that takes an order from a customer and delivers the product in a timely manner.  Sounds pretty ok, right?

What is a GREAT distributor? A company that you, as a customer, look forward to seeing your sales rep walk through the door because you enjoy their customer service.  There’s no need to reach for that mustache disguise, change your name, and pretend you aren’t there. You know that when that rep walks through the door, you will not only be able to place an order for products, you will learn about new products and how those products have the potential to improve your business.  You will understand how their portfolio matches with your clientele and bottom line and know that they will be able to answer any product questions and help you with anything you might need. You know that rep will always be of service to your business and can always be counted on for a friendly conversation, maybe even a cheesy dad joke… if you’re into that kind of thing.  From the rep, to the delivery drivers, to the accounting department, a great distributor is a joy to work with and adds to the success of your business. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Co Hop Beverages is a great distributor.  We strive everyday to hold ourselves to standards even higher than our customers, and we look forward to working with you.

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  • Jon Darby
    Posted at 20:49h, 01 March Reply

    I have been with Co-Hop since their first day, but go back 25 years with Steve Garcia from his days at AB. Steve and his staff which
    includes the amazing Dominic Armenta are top of the line. They have (in a very short time) become a big player in the beer distribution business
    and their portfolio continues to grow with some amazing brands!

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